Ladies and gentlemen we welcome you to our hair salon in the center of Copenhagen

In our salon we offer hair treatments for both woman and men. We have over 10 years of experience so we can accommodate every need. We use different techniques for various hairstyles and offer you the solution which fits you wishes.

A haircut that matches you personality

We always have a talk with our clients before we start so we can match the hairstyle and the person. We can manage everything from the simple trimming of the ends to colouring techniques such as balayage or babylights.

If you are considering a new hairstyle we will gladly provide you with advice and guidance on which hairstyles that will highlight your natural features.
When giving advice on a new hairstyle we consider the shape and features of your face, which can help determine which hairstyle matches your natural features the most.

Your morning routine also plays a part when choosing a new hairstyle. If you don’t have time in morning for styling your hair we can find a hairstyle that matches that need.

Hair dyeing with different color techniques

If you want a new hair color we offer different variations. The techniques that we use can vary depending on your wishes. For example if you wish is a fresh summer look maybe balayage would be the way to go.

If you haven’t decided on a color we can come with recommendations based on your skin color and glow. We look at which colors would highlight your skin and eye color in the most beautiful way.

Our focus is on quality, service and attention to detail

We always have quality in mind in our hair salon. That is why use only the best hair products available. We never settle for less when it comes to giving you the best experience possible.

Hair cut

Women 570kr

Men 430kr


Styling 430-530kr


Babylights 1.450kr

Stripes in hair 1000-1.870kr

Stripes in the bottom from 950kr

Touch-up from 780kr


Balayage 1.870kr

Ombre 1.800kr

Color in the bottom 630kr

Coloring of the entire hair 800-1.250kr

Shading fra 350-450kr

Colour Correction

Toning fra 690kr

Toning/Glossing with one other treatment 440kr

Crazy colour with one other treatment 550kr


Start price (1 hair package) fra 1.700kr

Extensions from 1.540kr


Hair treatment 300kr

Custommade Hair treatment 400kr

Hair and scalp treatment 300kr


Brow coloring 130kr
Lash coloring 130kr
Brow and lashes coloring 260kr